As numbers keep adding to your age, the need to get your life together seems to pressurize when it’s time to make a New Year resolution. Well, you don’t have to scribble some revolutionary decisions to make the most out of your year. Taking a few baby steps will turn out to be the most productive activities you will benefit you as well as those around you.

So we bring to you this list of 5 best New Year resolution ideas to help you take those baby steps, which will help you become a better person this year:

  1. Start giving more:

Life seemingly gets less stressful when you start giving. The joy that it gives you will leave everyone puzzled about the glow on your face! An offering can be as simple as feeding dogs or buying ice cream for poor kids. Inviting your friends or neighbors for dinner can also help you cope with an exhausting week. You don’t have to do this on the daily; just know that this is a thing that you can turn to when you aren’t doing so well. This will give positivity to you as well as others.

  1. Stay hydrated:

Not only drinking water has numerous health benefits, but it can also mark as a start to developing better habits. This is the easiest step you can take to becoming a more organized person. Sometimes stress makes you feel restless. Drinking water and taking some time off your work will re-energize your body and help you perform better.

  1. Allow your thoughts and beliefs to grow:

If you want to fully bloom this year, you have to leave the old fashioned rigid thinking with the old you. One of the only ways to thrive these days is having the ability to thinking from different perspectives. You get a taste of how people have such a great variety of thoughts and beliefs and you might even find something to try yourself! It is also a good practice to become more socially amiable. So start sending dinner invitations to your new friends because you’re going to make a lot of them!

  1. Learn how to play any musical instrument:

Music is truly therapeutic. And when you can play the ukulele for yourself and even others, that’s otherworldly happiness right there. The whole process of learning and playing an instrument is so delightful and an absolute stress buster. Learning how to play different songs will also help you improve your memory. If you already have a guitar or a keyboard that is left untouched since as long as you can remember, blow the dust off and start playing!

  1. Purchase and nurture plants:

If you have a friend who is fond of being surrounded by plants, ask them how calming it feels. Having plants to look after is equivalent to having someone to look after. This makes you more aware of your responsibilities. Your house won’t feel dull after introducing plants to it. Having plants will lighten up your mood and increase your productivity.

Taking big steps is not necessary; taking small but steady steps towards a bright future is what matters. So don’t worry, you will have it all together. So don’t forget to enjoy the year!

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