5 best Wearable Spy Cameras: The Best You Can Find

These days’ cameras come in various shapes and sizes. One can find big DSLRs and then small phone cameras as well. There are underwater cameras and sky diving specialized cameras. Advancement in technology and design has led to new innovations in the world of cameras and lenses.

In recent times, a very popular type of camera that is used by law enforcement and reporters across the world is the spy cameras. These cameras are small and one cannot see them. These can be used to capture videos and capture pictures in a social setting without anyone knowing. There are many brands that one can choose from. Here are 5 Best Wearable Spy Camera that one can find.

  1. MHDYT spy mini camera

This is the best small pocket spy camera that one can find. It is small almost of the size of the thumb. it also has a removable mirror and magnet feature which allows one to hide the camera safely and the lens undetectable. Check out its a complete in-depth review on https://whatever-tech.com/best-wearable-spy-camera-reviews/


  • Cube-shaped
  • Larger coverage
  • Can take pictures and videos in 1080p quality
  • IR LED lights for better display
  • 50 minutes of battery life
  • It comes with a loop detection feature and motion detection.
  1. Toughest hidden shirt camera

This is a great wearable spy camera and can be clipped onto the short pocket. It gives good battery timing and can be used for multiple purposes. Also other than video recording and pictures, one can record audios as well.


  • Small and easy to clip
  • 100-minute battery life
  • It works in the resolution of 720x480p
  • Audio files can be recorded
  • Uses AVI format for videos
  • 16 GB memory with 64 GB expandable memory with mSD card
  1. DZFtech spy pen camera

This is handy and very usable in social interaction cases as one will not be able to detect the camera. It is embedded in the pen which can be used as well as can be tucked into the pocket without anyone batting an eye.


  • Embedded in usable pen
  • The lens is covered by a slider
  • Video recordings are of 1080p quality
  • Comes with 4 ink refills
  • Has a 32 GB card with it
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • One year warranty
  1. Enklov polarized glass spy camera

This camera is one of the 5 Best Wearable Spy Camera for those who want a spy camera for the outdoors. Thus polarized glasses have a camera hidden in the frame which allows the person to take pictures and videos from a personal POV.


  • Personal POV recordings
  • Take pictures or videos
  • Comes with USB port
  • Has a battery life of 2 hours
  • Lenses are polarized and can be used normally as well
  • Video recording quality is 1080p
  1. LTMADE fitness tracker spy camera

Everybody these days love fitness trackers, but this one has a spy camera installed in it. it does not work as a tracker but does work as a spy camera. It comes at an affordable price and is completely undetectable as no one will doubt a fitness tracker on the wrist.


  • Compatible with Mac and PC.
  • Automatic saving features
  • The internal storage of 32 GB
  • Video recording quality of 1080p
  • Shows time

These days one may stumble upon many situations where having a spy camera may seem handy and safe. These above-mentioned spy cameras are easy to use and absolutely undetectable, making them worth the money.

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