Exciting features coming in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs

Minecraft is a creative game in which players can construct almost whatever they wish. Players are encouraged to build their creations and transform the planet they spawn in into something unique, in addition to surviving. It should come as no surprise that no two Minecraft worlds are the same.

Check out the top Minecraft servers to have a good time with your buddies. The first part of the update introduces a slew of new items and features, including new ores and mobs, which will alter everyone’s playstyle.

In the next major update, Mojang wants to add even more features and adjustments, as well as additional biomes, compared to Caves & Cliffs part 1. To have a wonderful time with your friends, check out the best Minecraft servers.


The Caves & Cliffs update will introduce three exciting new features to Minecraft. The new bundles’ function is one of them, designed to help with inventory management. You’ll be able to make bags with as many goods as you can fit within them. You can mix and match bundles and store them in chests.

Wireless Redstone and Sculk Blocks

Sculk Growths get found in the Deep Dark biome, which is one of its properties. It’s a new Redstone-like power source, but it’s the key to allowing us to use Redstone-powered gadgets wirelessly for the first time. A Sculk Sensor will broadcast a Redstone signal if it detects footfall or destroys/places a block. These can control gadgets without the need for a Redstone path between them.

You can also use wool to stop the signal from getting through, ensuring that the trigger only activates the signal between Sculk signals and contraptions. The possibilities for using wireless Redstone to build city structures or massive Minecraft castles are nearly unlimited.

The Deep Dark Biome and Dripstone Caves

Stalagmites and stalactites did make it into 1.17, and they’ll be what sets the Dripstone Caves apart. The rest of the stalactites will fall from above if the blocks at the top get destroyed. Stalagmites, on the other hand, resemble spikes and harm both friends and opponents.

Stalactites also leak water, which you can catch with a bucket. It provides you with a sustainable water supply. You can mix stalagmites and stalactites to make them as long as your imagination allows. Not only can stalactites drop water, but they can also drip lava, which gets collected in a cauldron below in case you need it later. It’s also worth noting that throwing a trident at a pointed dripstone will cause the dripstone to break.

New world generation heights

Mountains can create up to 256 blocks high in version 1.18, while caverns can generate as low as -59 blocks. Traveling over mountains will become more thrilling by this modification, and players will also encounter goats and rabbits up there.

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