GAMBLING ADDICTION : Don’t fall in the Trap

According to Wilson Mizner, Gambling is “the sure way of getting nothing from something.”

Most people treat Gambling as a game or enjoyable activity initially and soon become addicted to it.

Let us see the process of addiction, and from where the problem starts. Gambling can be just as addictive as drugs and alcohol. Teens and their parents need to know that they are not just gambling with money, they’re gambling with their lives” this was quoted by Jennifer Mc Causland, Executive Director of Second Chance Washington, an anti-gambling group.

People like playing poker and slot online terbaik but they have to understand that Everything has a limit, and if we do things beyond the limits, then it’s a red sign, just like alcohol, Gambling too can be addictive, if we overdo it or if we have set no limit.

“Addiction begins with the thought that something physical can instantly fill up your emptiness inside.”

Signs of gambling addiction

  • Compulsive Gambling Hiding the habit from others
  • Gambling when you can’t afford it
  • Others are expressing concern

What one should know is, Gambling can be addictive. Most of the problems end when you accept that as a “problem.” So it’s necessary to know that Gambling is a sickness, a disease, an addiction, insanity, and is always a loser in the long run.

Types of gambling addicts

  • Escape Gamblers
  • Action gamblers

Escape gamblers use Gambling as a tool to escape reality or a distraction from real life. Such gamblers are either poor or someone who lost something or failed in something. The appeared to be unhappy with their lives, lack confidence, and use Gambling to prove that they can also do or win and end up losing everything. They want to win every time, and that’s where the problem begins. That’s why the saying goes, “Gambling is predictable; that is; you can’t be the winner forever.”

Action gamblers are people who usually enjoy playing games rather than winning. They play games that can build their skills and focus on performing than winning.

A gambler is only a man who makes his living out of bogus expectation, continually needing to win and never lose. But the truth is, we can’t ever win. Winning and losing is a part of game and life too. We can’t run from our failure, and no one can snatch the victory from us. Whatever is ours, and whatever is written in our fate will happen. The truth is humans have no control over things but have control over them. Control your thoughts, control yourself. The only thing we can do is cherish, if you win, celebrate, and if you lose, then learn from your mistake.

“When you become a slave to a substance and are unable to stop without help. The substance takes the brain hostage, and the addict has lost the power of choice. THIS IS A DISEASE.”


If you ever came across a person who shows addiction symptoms, don’t give them a weird look, instead of counsel them and insist on seeking professional help.

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