What is Blog?

A blog created from words web and log and a blog are logging of one’s thoughts, ideas, experience, and more all in one place on the web. A blog is a staple of who you are the ultimate expression of you on the web.

Tips to Start a Blog:

  • Start with a title-Don’t just start writing a blog post unless you have the exact title. Eight of ten people read your headlines, but only two out of ten will click on the blog or read the rest of your article.
  • The second tip is the introduction. In your introduction, you have to hook people with a bold statement.
  • Just give a quick overview of the post on what you’re going to teach them. It is probably a great way to hook them on as well as to get them to read more, even leave a comment at the end of the post.
  • Your body should include subheadings and keep your paragraphs around five-six lines max.

How to start blogging?

  • There are two platforms that I would recommend you to use for blogging are WordPress, and another is Blogger, and both of them are free.
  • After choosing the platform, you need to pick your niche and that means the type of blog that you are going to have. Are you going to create a fashion blog or become a food blogger or lifestyle, anything of that sort counts. Pick a name that can transition with time.
  • One thing that keeps a blog running is having a consistent schedule and use an editorial calendar so you should have a planner and like to decide when you are going to posting.
  • The biggest that you can do when creating a blog or blog post is choosing something that done before because people see it as being unique.
  • First, choose a name for your blogs like and its availability, and once if it is available, then the next step is to get domain and hosting.
  • com provides free domain and discounts on hosting at very less amounts.
  • After getting a domain and hosting open WordPress and create an account, and it is used logging into your blog.
  • Install a new theme for your blogs because it has default WordPress theme so choose them from the store, download, and then the theme.
  • Next, add content to your blog by clicking on a new and select post from there.
  • To change the default title lets go to customize and then click side identity now let’s enter a blog name and also add a tagline and then click on save and publish.
  • Like this, you can change the title and then create a menu, home page, about page, contact us, and social media links to follow you.

Things not to do when starting a Blog:

  • Do not start in a name are not passionate.
  • Do not buy a lousy Host.

By excellent and creative blogging, people can make a high income, and we get to travel the world for more experience. So blogging lets us explore our passion and hobbies.

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