Where Pokemon Go Accounts, Collection Can be Found?

Pokemon Go is breaking records, and the game is generating a lot of money for Niantic. The company behind Pokemon Go, Nintendo, made $1.27 billion in revenue from the release of this new app. Niantic has also reported that they have increased their userbase by 240% since Pokemon Go’s release on July 6th. Unfortunately, many developers create fake accounts to fool users into giving away their passwords.

The number of users tricked into handing over their passwords is 14 million worldwide. With the money being spent on the game, it’s no wonder that malicious people are taking advantage of those interested in the game. This threat can be seen in forums and websites where criminals create fake pokemon go account for sale with links to a fake website. They then ask for your name and password to get you rare Pokemon characters.

Various Options for Pokemon Go Account Collection

If you’re looking for accounts, there are three options.

  • The first is to buy them outright from vendors who do not take security seriously.
  • Accounts can also be found on public websites that promote account trading or sharing, but this means waiting for someone else to trade with you or sift through pages of offers.
  • The third option is to find an account trading subreddit and hope that they have what you’re looking for.

There are many free Pokemon Go accounts on Reddit and all websites. It is the easiest way to get pokemon go account for free. It is important to note that any account you find has probably compromised its security. For this reason, it’s essential to create a strong password and username. Accounts with weak passwords will be easier targets for hackers. The same goes for accounts that share usernames with others or have a public profile picture. Accounts with weak security should be reported and avoided.

Recommendations for Pokemon Go Accounts

If you’re not able to risk your account, there are unofficial means of obtaining them. You can buy accounts off of websites or from people on forums. One example is a small subreddit that posts offer for trading accounts. It’s also possible to buy an account via PayPal, although it may be a scam. Before buying an account, make sure you know if the seller is reputable and give you what you want and need.

This subreddit is a great place to start. When making a post, be sure to mention what type of account you need, the price you’re willing to pay, and the seller’s username. Another good place to look is the subreddit that collects Pokemon Go account info. Many accounts can be found on this subreddit utterly free of charge. What you get is a list of available accounts and their respective prices.


Finally, once you complete the details, it will help you know about the various options from where you can get a pokemon go account for sale. If you don’t grab proper details, it will be hard for you to get the safest place to buy your favourite game’s accounts.

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