There are many types of medical equipment that doctors are using these days for diagnosis, treatment, and detection of diseases. These medical equipment are available in a diverse range differing from simple to sophisticated. So, a proper selection of medical equipment is needed to treat a particular person. The presence of a diverse range of medical equipment plays a vital role in the field of medical science.

Hypertension has become one of the significant health problems that are affecting people without any basis of age. Even the people age 30-50 are affected by it. Keeping track of BP levels is very much essential. And the medical equipment used for accurate measurement of blood pressure levels is called a sphygmomanometer. This has become a necessity for doctors and is considered necessary equipment in the field of medicine.

This instrument is also known as a blood pressure gauge or monitor.


The word is derived from the Greek word ‘sphygmos’ means heartbeat and manometer is the device used for measuring pressure. This combined names the device sphygmomanometer means a tool that helps in regulating blood pressure. This device was first invented by an Austrian physician Karl Samuel Vitter von Basch in the year 1881. The type of equipment he introduced is known as an aneroid manometer, which has a round dial with a needle deflecting when air pressure is applied to it by a diaphragm.


There are three types of sphygmomanometer which are divided into two categories:

Mercury and non-mercury based.


The one which uses mercury in it for the calculation of blood pressure is known as mercury sphygmomanometer. It is the most used apparatus for measuring BP level and is also considered a golden standard.

It has many advantages like a higher accuracy of results, can last for a lifetime, easy to use, and the most crucial point is no need for regular calibration.

But this is banned in most of countries due to the toxic content, mercury present in it.


The word itself says that the sphygmomanometer with no mercury in it.

There are two types of non-mercury sphygmomanometers::

 Aneroid sphygmomanometer:

The word Aneroid means ‘without fluid’. The name of the instrument says it doesn’t contain fluid, i.e. mercury. This type of medical equipment needs regular calibration for eliminating errors. So it is widely used by trained practitioners. This medical equipment consists of a dial connected to a stethoscope and a cuff. This only yields the systolic pressure.

There are also different types of aneroid sphygmomanometer based on their usage:

–pocket aneroid sphygmomanometer

–palm aneroid sphygmomanometer

–clock style aneroid sphygmomanometer

Digital sphygmomanometer

It is the most technologically advanced medical equipment in the field of sphygmomanometers. There are also two types in this digital equipment that may use manual or automatic inflation. Both of these types come under digital, and there won’t be any problem in operating this equipment. No need for any specialized training is required for operating. It can measure both systolic and diastolic pressures.

It can be concluded that a sphygmomanometer is a very necessity device and the primary requirement for a doctor in his daily checkups routine. Its a must to monitor the numbers and keeping under control. Last but not least you can check out oisto to buy medical equipment like sphygmomanometer, PPE kits, and many more.

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