Top Websites to Download APK files of Android Applications

There are many applications in the Google play store running for free, but you may find something for the amount. Those paying apps are under the case of,

  • Jailbroken Android device
  • Emulator
  • Bluestacks

 But you may prefer it for free; to those people, APK format application is the only way to get the paid apps. In this, you will come to know about Top 7 APK File provider Sites for Games and Different Apps. From these APK sites, you can download the files quickly and install it for free.

First, we have to know what is meant by APK. It has the abbreviation of the Android Package Kit. It is only for Google distribution services and majorly android users. These are saved only in the zipper file format. They can usually download it in the android devices directly.

Before you download the APK site, you have to check whether it is safe or trustworthy because a lot of websites are there for which is not very safe for the users. Before you download it, search thoroughly for the better experience. We have listed the five safest sited here and explained about its feature. Let us get into the topic.

Safest sites for download:

Here, we had a search and picked 5 most reliable places to download the APK in the android. Those are,

  • APK mirror
  • APK4fun
  • APK pure
  • Android APK
  • Black mart Alpha

Other than these, some of the sites are there, which is trustworthy for APK. Let us discuss in detail about these sites.

APK mirror:

  • This is not only the safest site. It is also a popular site in use.
  • Apk Mirror has a huge collection of online movie streaming applications like iptv smarters pro, Tubi TV, Popcorntime etc.
  • This is the site with all the new release applications, and it consistently has all the forms that android has.
  • The only mess with this site is, it has all the selection of apps to choose them, which is a considerable disadvantage.
  • We suggest that when you search the specific application, use the search key, which helps avoid you not searching from the endless categories.


  • This is an application that is comfortable to use like APK mirror, but this is more organized than APK mirror.
  • This site helps to find your search hassle-free and faster process.
  • Each of the categories is explicitly labeled, and those are in a single specification.
  • This helps to locate the safeties APK files, and this does not ask for any subscription or any other registration to log in.

APK pure:

  • This APK pure is the safest site, and this has many APK files to download in the android.
  • The homepage of this site consists of an abundance range of options, which helps discover the desired applications.

Android APK:

  • This android APK has an impressive database that is very safe and has popular downloads like pokemon TV, Youtube downloader, etc.
  • The download from this site is swift, as, like other applications, this is also very safe.

Black mart Alpha:

  • This site does not require any google access or other site registration to log in. It provides a great feature with rapid experience.
  • This site is very similar to the google play store, so the steps to use this site does not give you any trouble.

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